November 18
David Earl Williams III
Candidate for Lt. Governor, IL, Libertarian Party
Meeting # 3,451 - David is a 8x Decorated U.S. Navy Iraqi Freedom War Vet, Novelist, 2014 GOP congressional candidate & 2016 Independent congressional candidate IL 9th & Libertarian. In the spirit of the liberty, he aims to serve the American people and their interest, not political party bosses or multinational globalist corporations, equal protection under the law - not favoritism, lower taxes, term limits, and fighting to maintain the constitutional values that made this country great!

November 25
Is Trump a True Capitalist, or
Is He Another Mooch at the Public Trough!
Meeting # 3,452 - Tim Bolger will demonstrate that Trump is NOT a true capitalist, but is ready to let corporations “drink at the public trough” like most politicians. Trump, according to Adam Smith (Wealth of Nations: 1776), is a Mercantilist, and NOT a capitalist. 

Tim will demonstrate that the present Trump administration will kill the economy and global trade with his “America First” campaign. Tim will then propose a solution with emphasis on the “The Humanity of Capitalism,” and demonstrate that True Capitalism, True Global Trade and the killing of Corporations “mooching at the public trough,” will be the best solution to our economy. 

It will also include some predictions on where we are headed as a nation. 

November 11
ILHS - Illinois Labor History Society
Meeting # 3,450 - Stefanee Asche, Director

hanged on November 11, 1887
November 4
Has Capitalism's Crises Reached a Tipping Point? on the
100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution
Meeting # 3,449 - John Bachtell, Communist Party USA