December 17
Sustainable Progress to Build the "Green Economy" and Solve Climate Disruption
+ "green' tips" for the Christmas Holiday Season 
Meetings # 3,405 - Ending the year with a bang (not a whimper), naturalist and energy-environmental researcher Dennis Nelson argues that a RE-DEFINITION OF "PROGRESS" is essential to maintain and promote climate protection, ecological and public health, economic well-being, and energy security. Topics will include:  A discussion of reforms under the fascinating field of environmental economics (a steady-state economic system), refutation of climate disruption science denial and policy delay, the problems of Canadian tar sands exploitation and the alternatives to oil, preservation of the National Park System (this year is the Centennial Celebration of the National Park Service), his testimony before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the Clean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP), his letter to Illinois politicians in opposition to the Exelon Nuclear Bailout in Springfield, and "green tips" for the Christmas Holiday Season.   
December 24, 31
Closed - Programs Resume on January 7
December 3
How to Understand and Prevent Holiday Depression
Meetings# 3,403 - Dan Bader, mental health practitioner, states that:  "The occurrence and intensity of depressive symptoms tend to peak over the winter holiday season. The presentation will cover the general symptoms, precipitants, and maintenance factors that constitute a clinical depression. Common explanatory narratives of depression will be discussed. A depression-prevention framework will be outlined and applied to the events, memories, and painful emotions that frequently trigger a winter-holiday depression." 

December 10
USA:  Empire of Deception
Meetings # 3,404 - 
In this presentation historian Ted Aranda continues his examination of the numerous state-terrorist / false-flag episodes in recent American history.  Specific topics will include the so-called mass shooting in Orlando and the physics of 9/11.  These matters are of absolutely vital importance to all Americans. A government that can slaughter 3,000 random, innocent people on its own soil for the purpose of advancing its hyper neo-imperialist agenda (with no consequences whatsoever) can and will perpetrate all manner of further devious, diabolical attacks and hoaxes on the population.

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