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December 30
The Coming Catastrophes of 2018 +
Easy to Predict, Just Open Your Eyes
Meetings # 3,457 - Moe Shanfield, who says:  The fundament operating methodology of the Ancient Hebrew Prophets was to envision future catastrophes writ small in the evils of the day - the hand of Jehovah, Great Judge, Sentencing Sinners to suffer those catastrophes.  This underserving sinner, confesses Moe Shanfield, candidate for governor, will do his inadegvate best to stumble in the footsteps of ancient seers, using their methodology to prophesy catastrophes of 2018 and beyond."
December 2
A Wall Street Broker Drives for Uber to Explore the
 “New Economy”
Meetings # 3,453 - "Pat" White, author of the newly-released Buzz Ride: Driven to Disruption: Memoirs of an Uber Driver. A finance guy begins driving Uber on a lark (weekends one summer in Chicago's nightclub neighborhoods) to better understand the gig economy and finds himself both fascinated and repulsed by what he discovers. A "darkly comic coming of (middle) age adventure."
        Moving from corporate board rooms to city streets became an unexpected adventure when a business consultant spends three months operating a ride share car in Chicago. Author Pat White drove more than six hundred people in his Mercedes in the spring and summer, experiencing every aspect of humanity. Buzz Ride showcases the nocturnal journeys he made to spectacular homes and dive bars, covering neighborhoods from Wicker Park and Humboldt Park to the Gold Coast and everything in between.​
December 9
An Adventure and Years in Riyadh Working for the Saudi Royal Family
Meetings # 3,454 - Dr. Terrence Dolan, author of Children of the Kingdom: Bridging Genetics and Islam to Save the Newborns of Saudi Arabia. An academic, scientist, and research center administrator in Madison, Wisconsin, nearing retirement, is heavily-recruited by "a substantial international entity" (which turns out to be the Saudi royal family). He and his wife pack their bags for an unexpected adventure and years in Riyadh as he helps solve a major public health crisis and build the first disabilities research center in the Middle East outside of Israel.
        The author states:  "Children of the Kingdom is my memoir, travelogue, and science–current events story concerning a Middle-Eastern society in transition, the intrigue of an oil-rich monarchy maintaining a precarious balance with its country’s religious extremists, the passions that naturally swirl around ancient cultural traditions, and emerging genetic science. Then there’s my wife Mary Ann and I, mature Western expats walking the line between respecting and learning about the culture of our host country and discovering how to enjoy life abroad under a restrictive Islamic regime."
December 16
An Eclectic Look at Christmas on the
Busiest Shopping Day of the 2017 Retail Season
Meetings # 3,455 - Charles Paidock and Tim Bolger present an analysis of the holiday.
        Christmas Day falls on a Monday this year and small businesses will no doubt be run off their feet on the Saturday and Sunday before the big day as last-minute gift buying and food preparation reaches fever pitch. But according to figures released retail experts, they’ll also need to be at full alert the weekend prior.

        Charles will show that materialism and rabid consumerism have taken over the holiday, people overspend on gift giving, get dangerously drunk, with retail employees working overtime on holidays without overtime pay.

        Tim follows and presents a counter opinion on how the holiday serves to stimulate a free market capitalist economy, says don't be a Scrooge and shop 'till you drop.

December 23
In a Society with Endless Choices, Why Are Harmful Ones Being Made?
Meetings # 3,456 - Margaret Goldstein, who asks:
"What does it mean to have a society of endless choices such a ours?  Why do we have such a society?  What are the harmful choices being made by households, consumers, mothers, the business world, and car drivers?"