March 25
Fraudulent "Cold War" :  Prelude to Bogus "War on Terror"
Meeting # 3,417 - Historian Ted Aranda’s political analysis
In 1947, as the USA came out of WWII unmatched by any other country in military and economic power, Congress officially created the national security state, including the CIA. Since then the US government -- far from "spreading democracy" -- has been continually attempting to dominate the entire world. In this endeavor it has relied heavily upon massive deceptions of various kinds, in two large phases. The first was the so-called "Cold War," which according to orthodox accounts was an inevitable confrontation between the two great, post-war rival powers -- one propagating freedom and the other totalitarianism. Thus the US was supposed, justifiably, to have been fighting "Communist aggression."  This narrative is a fairy tale, as historian Ted Aranda will describe in this latest installment of USA: Empire of Deception. In reality the "Cold War" was largely an American invention used by the Oligarchy to mask its imperialist global agenda, just as today's fictitious "War on Terror"—the second phase of the mammoth deception--is employed for the same purpose.​
March 18
Clean Count Cook County
Are Our Elections Vulnerable to Hacking, and 
What We Can Do About It
Meetings # 3,416 - Dr. Lora Chamberlain talks about this working group with concerns about selecting a new election system, and what equipment the Board of Elections decides to buy, with the aim to implement a system with the highest percentage of hand counted votes, given concerns about reliance on audits.

March 11
Civics for Environmentalists:  A Review of Important Environmental Topics in Springfield, and 
How You Can Make a Difference
​Meeting # 3,415 - Jennifer Walling Executive Director
The Illinois Environmental Council engages in education and outreach and provides a forum for environmentalists, and serves as the environmental community’s eyes, ears and voice in Springfield. 
        Since its founding in 1975 by a group of dedicated grassroots environmentalists, IEC has sponsored issue advocacy campaigns and projects by allowing environmental organizations to pool their resources and create a higher profile for environmental issues. Today, IEC represents 60 environmental and community organizations and nearly 300 individuals from throughout Illinois.

March 4
The Truth Commission on Segregation and It's Effects
Meetings # 3,414 - The United States supported Truth Commissions at the end of apartheid, at the end of the troubles in Ireland and other troubled regions around the world. Yet when segregation ended, no such commission has ever occurred here in the United States. 
          How did segregation work in the U.S.?  What were our race laws?  Michael Flores returns to hold a Truth Commission at the College of Complexes, on segregation's effects, wounds and international influence.