April 7
Censored News Update for 2018
Meetings # 3,471 - 
        L.P. Anderson from the Northwest Information Service in Palatine will present a brief summary of several large databases of information on game changing subjects that are censored and blacked out by the mainstream media in the United States.
        The presentation will include printed material handouts on current blackouts being run by the military-industrial-media complex, the educational-financial-media complex, and the pharmaceutical-medical-media complex.  
        The presentation will provide highly condensed summaries of scientific forensic evidence contained in more than 500 books and thousands of scientific papers on these subject.
        Also, we will present a current summary of the massive criminal corruption of the Trump administration.

April 21
Special Earth Day Speaker
Resist the Trump Administration’s Regressive, 
Anti-Environmental Agenda, and Empower a Progressive, Pro-Ecological Agenda to Make America Even Greater!
Meetings # 3,473 - According to DENNIS NELSON, an energy-environmental researcher, writer, speaker, and organizer:
 "The most serious institutional threat to environmental protection and environmental quality is now President Donald Trump, his administration's cabinet members, and the extreme agenda of the Republican Party.  I will bring newer and different material to help with the RESISTANCE to the Trump fiasco, and the EMPOWERMENT in challenging those die-hard Trump apologists who still want to give him a chance.  My topics will include: How the Trump Administration is destroying the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA); the Trump Administration's continuing climate science denial/climate policy delay; the Trump Administration's attack on our ocean protections and marine national monuments; renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); stopping Trump from starting a nuclear war (a great eco-threat which must be reemphasized); the Trump Administration's agricultural and food policy; and what role do energy markets and government intervention have in determining our energy policy.  The extreme agenda of the Republican Party will also be discussed. What we need is a good, solid, progressive-populist agenda for public and environmental health, climate protection, eco- justice, economic well-being, and national/global security, and make America an even greater nation."  

April 28
The History and Current Situation on the Ground in 
Palestine / Israel – through poetry, prose, and art
Meetings # 3,474 - Through poetry, prose, and art, semi-retired librarian Daniel Staub Weinberg will analyze the background and recent developments in the Middle East.. 

Pen and ink political/comic drawings by Weinberg can be purchased at

Weinberg's email is weinbergsart@gmail.com.

BDS - Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
April 14
Centuries of Classrooms Around the World: 
Does the Built Environment Enhance Leaning? 
Does Material Culture Transmit Values?
Meeting # 3,472 - Presented by Peter N. Pero, teacher, author, and time traveler
A photo essay on historic schoolrooms in a global context.
- private schools vs. public virtues
- how does wealth determine educational outcomes?
- the teacher as “change agent”
- who needs technology?
- international education across space and time

Go to www.artpal.com  then search for "weinbergsart"