May 27
How False Perceptions Harm Us
Meeting # 3,426 -  young Tom O'Donnell returns
May 6
What is Happening in America?
Meeting # 3,423 - college regular Lindson P. (Andy) Anderson, Research Analyst, of the Northwest Information Service - Data Base Translations of Environmental, Political and Social Issues into Basic English
May 13
Alexander Paterakis, Candidate for Illinois Governor
Meeting # 3,424 - "Alexander Paterakis has been a resident of Illinois his entire life.  With that he has has seen the good and the bad that this state has had to offer. With 4 of our last 7 Governors ending up in jail, Illinois politics have become synonymous with corrupt politicians; he intends to change that. Residents of Illinois are frustrated with this State's growing debt, increasing taxes, and shrinking middle class, yet the current Republicans and Democrats running this state have not provided solutions, only band aids to these problems. 
        Alexander wants to change how business is done in Springfield. We need leaders who are looking out for the people of the great state of Illinois. Who will take on complex and challenging problems face on and will not sacrifice the hard earned money of the Illinois tax-payer." 

May 20
President Trump's Report Card:  1st 100 of 2,923 days 
Meeting # 3,425 - college regular and sometimes chair Steve Kungis
Come one, come all to hear how our Commander in Chief has performed for his first 100 days of his 8 years in office! 
We will discuss the first ever: "Issues only" non-partisan President!  His passion for America to be Great Again will be your passion to be great and relevant again!​