Happy Independence Day
from the 
Faculty and Students of the 
College of Complexes 
weekly free speech forum
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July 29
Bughouse Square Debates
12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Newberry Library - Washington Square Park - 60 W. Walton
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"Historical Highlights of the American Revolution"
July 15
Cannabis:  Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Meeting # 3,433 - Michael Burick - Speaker maintains that: “Cannabis has been around for 3 thousand years and is/should be going mainstream for medicinal reasons. Some current obstacles are big Pharma's lobbyists, poor information about cannabis, and its proven health benefits and antiquated Federal regulations that will be supplanted by states' that need the tax revenues."

July 1
US Fake News Since 1776
Meeting # 3,431 - Is the College of Complexes, a weekly free speech forum, the source of and facilitate the spread of fake news?
Tim Bolger and Charles Paidock will take a look at fake news since its inception with the invention of the printing press, and focus on instances of erroneous information in the US since 1776.  He states that many of the regular attendees always get upset when he occasionally informs them that that the "don't know what they're talking about."   He will review some of the more outlandish things he has heard while attending meetings of the CofC.

July 22
Chemtrails:  The Final Impetus to Revolution?
Meeting # 3,434 - What are chemtrails?  Many researchers and observers believe that this phenomenon is exactly what it appears to be: a clandestine government program of releasing vast amounts of toxic particulates into the atmosphere. The ostensible reason would seem to be "solar radiation management," i.e. blocking sunlight to reduce global warming. So is this a vast project in geoengineering?   Or is the purpose something else? And all without the knowledge, much less the consent, of the citizenry?! The political no less than the environmental implications are almost beyond imagination. Are we really to be nothing more than oblivious sheep and guinea pigs to the Masters of the Universe? Or will we finally take our lives into our own hands? Investigator Ted Aranda explores this mind-bending topic.

July 8
Happy Birthday Henry!
Meeting # 3,432 - College regular Jonathan Barton returns
        Join us as we celebrate his 200th birthday with our special guest Henry David Thoreau, one of the most famous and respected writers ever on the natural environment, liberty, and the human experiences of the 19th century.  
        A presentation on how his works are relevant to today's climate change movements, civil liberties struggles, and global actions for the liberation o f working class peoples.
        Note:  A special thank you to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for graciously sharing the use of their recently developed tim travel machine in order for the speaker to attend.

July 29
Intellectual Sovereignty vs The Thought Police
Meeting # 3,435 - Robert Holland returns with another thoughtful analysis of our society 
Robert states that: "We presume inalienable rights to our own thoughts, but questions arise whether thoughts are protectable or authentically ours. This presentation explores the porous and communal qualities of human thought as contrasted with those who would seek to exercise control over our thoughts."

with powerpoint presentation