August 12
Centrist Project, America's First Unparty
2 Parties, Zero Results
Meeting # 3437 - Matthew Geiger, Chapter Lead, Chicago Centrists - a group made up of people who feel let down by both political parties and blame the influence of money in politics, a lack of bipartisanship, and gerrymandering for our unresponsive system. They are concerned about the increasing extremism within political parties and the hollowing out of the political center. 

The Centrist Project aims to strategically elect independent candidates to office who can break through political gridlock and serve as a voice for all those in the sensible center –– not as a traditional third party, but as America’s first Unparty.

Their “Fulcrum Strategy” is focused on electing a sufficient number of these candidates to closely divided legislatures like the US Senate where, as a swing coalition, they can deny both parties an outright majority and use their disproportionate influence to forge real solutions.

August 26
Special Labor Day Speaker
Illinois Labor History Society
Meeting # 3439 - Stefanee Asche, Director, ILHS

August 5
Refuse Fascism - Chicago
Meeting # 3436 - "In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept the Trump/Pence regime."
August 19
Why Warren Buffet is Seeking to Transfer His Investments on Earth to Mars
topic under development
Meeting # 3,438 – Moe Shenfield returns with another provocative talk