February 10
Good and Bad in Scott Adams:  Winning Elections by Hypnosis
Meeting # 3,463 - Dr. David Ramsay Steele
"Scott Adams is the cartoonist who created Dilbert, and the author of several best-selling books on persuasion, politics, religion,
business, and personal success.  He early predicted the victories of Donald Trump in both the Republican primaries and the presidential election, and has made many other surprising yet successful predictions over recent years (plus a few failed predictions).  His latest best-seller is Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World where Facts Don't Matter (released in October 2017).  Dr. Steele will take apart Adams's theory of persuasion and reality from a philosophical point of view, finding both strengths and weaknesses in Adams's account of current politics and human life."

February 17
Joshua Gray
Candidate for Cook County Board Commissioner 
Meeting # 3,464 -  A Chicago native, Joshua believes every community in our city has the potential to thrive. He has proven to be a man of service and champion of people throughout his lifetime. He has worked tirelessly—both alone and in partnership with other community leaders and elected officials— to address issues that negatively affect Chicago communities, including gun violence, youth unemployment, and inequitable state funding for underserved areas.

February 3
Democratic Confederalism and Libertarian Municipalism:
 A Concept for the Chicago Social Revolution
Meeting # 3,462 - Speaker(s): Passero Dignitoso Affinity Group
Description: Libertarian municipalism is a political program developed by libertarian socialist theorist Murray Bookchin, to create democratic citizens' assemblies in towns and urban neighborhoods. The assemblies in these free municipalities join together to
 replace the state with a directly democratic confederation. 
        We see the current embodiment of these ideas in the revolutionary project of Rojava. This presentation aims to explain and discuss the implications of such a project and propose a model to be implemented in Chicago based on these ideas and frameworks.
“American Leftists Need to Pay More Attention to Rojava”

“The most revolutionary women’s rights movement in the world”

“The Rojava experiment is unlike any other.  Coalitions between the local Assyrian, Arab and Kurdish populations have created a small society by and large run on the principles of a communal economy, harmony with the environment, and self governance.”

Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don't Matter 
February 24
Bart Goldberg: Candidate Illinois State Senator - 20th District
He says: "I’ll fight for progressive values and taking big money out of politics!"
Meeting # 3,465 - Positions:
            Take Big Money Out of Politics
            Offer All Children a Great Education
            Solve Our State Budget Crisis
            Protect Our Environment
            Fix Our Criminal Justice System
            Enact Common Sense Gun Laws
            Raise the Minimum Wage to $15/hr