Program Rescheduled for June 3
Stop Bad Apple Gun Dealers
Brady Campaign and Center to Prevent Gun Violence
Meeting # 3,410 - John Gruber, Organizing Manager  - works to extend background checks and take legal action against gun dealers
        Every year, over 100,000 people are victims of gun violence in the U.S. More than 32,000 of these victims die. To combat these unacceptable numbers we have an ambitious goal to cut gun deaths in half by 2025. We must address this issue through policy, legal action, and public health and safety. 
February 18
Illinois to Fight the Corruption and Fascism We are Now Facing
Meeting # 3,412 - Sharon Sanders    "Donald Trump is Not My President"
1)  Learn how we can act in solidarity with people and our climate being attacked by the Trump administration; 
2)  Discuss how we can be a voice to expose the corruption and hypocrisy of a Trump administration that stands for the 1% corporate interests, and show the public the danger of how Trump's personally profiting off his presidency could impact his decisions as president; and
3)  Discuss how we can continue to organize for democracy and political equality on a local, state and national level.

February 25
Author Sonja Perdue on Her Book Asking 
"The Tough Questions"
Meeting # 3,413 - “Black America: Asking Ourselves The Tough Questions”  by Sonja Cassandra Perdue is a formalized, five-part “Q & A” discussion that began in July 2010.
        This series of books will challenge Black America to collectively engage in a dialogue designed to initiate solutions to our collective concerns and issues.
        “Asking Ourselves The Tough Questions” is for personal conversations, family dinners, bus rides to work, class study, mornings in the neighborhood coffee shops and those private moments.​

February 11
Common Cause Illinois 
Meeting # 3,411 - Trevor Gervais, Lead Organizer -  Common Cause Illinois is a nonpartisan watchdog group whose mission is to promote open, ethical, and accountable government at the local, state, and national levels by educating and mobilizing the people of Illinois.

Common Cause achieves its goals through the hard work of a national office of staff and volunteers in Washington DC, as well as state organizations located across the nation and nearly 625,000 members and supporters. 
Money in Politics 
Voting and Elections 
Media and Democracy 
Organizing and Equity