Wicca, Witcraft, and Goddess-Worship
Universal Law and the Code of Humanity
Why I Refuse to Confirm or Deny Anything
Welfare Truth Squad
50 Years Is Enough! Campaign
Revolutionary Party for a Reactionary Period
Dracula and the Persistence of Nationalism
My Synopsis of Society
Africans in American Court System
Coalition for New Priorities
Senior Citizens Bill of Rights
The Selfishness System
Evolving Concept of Wilderness
Facts for Democracy with Perspectives International
The Manifesto of Resistance
Global Governance in the 21st Century
How to Become a Millionaire in a Few Days
Bill Clinton's Most Censored Scandal
The 3rd Millennium:  Road to Revolution 4.5
Why the Radical Right is Wrong
If No God, Then What?
Immigration:  Open the Doors!
Transylvanian Travelog
Legal Game and Lawyer Bullshit
How to Photograph a Spirit
A New History of the World
Time - Defining the Nonspacial Continuum
Archology and Life in an Eco-Village
Fraudulent and Deceitful Federal Reserve Act
Is the Democratic Party Over?
Failure of the Progressive Agenda
Institutionalized Salvation Belief Systems
Chicago's Recycling Sucks - Here's Why
Astrology / Horoscope of the United States
Discovery of 45 Prehistoric Structures in Chicago
Reactive vs. Proactive Social Programs
Why We Need an International Criminal Court
Libertarianism - The Road to A Civil Society
Radical Philosophy Association
Lessons of the Russian Revolution
Why Peace is Neither Necessary Nor Desireable
Hidden Themes of the Bible
Living in Marijuana Consciousness
Fundamentalist Christianity:  The Mind of the Believer
The Conspiracy Against Reality and Warfare Against Humanity

Some Previous Programs 
(many of questionable merit) 
Presented at the College of Complexes