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To Disquiet the Minds of the People
The original College of Complexes has been meeting in Chicago, IL, since January 6, 1951:
Celebrating Meeting # 3,333 on July 11th.
Occupy Your Mind
Established Feb. 28, 2009
Weekly Free Speech Forum  
College of Complexes
The Playground for People Who Think                          
Statement on Free Speech
Our constitution and laws encourage the freest possible exchange of opinions, ideas, and information.  In part, that recognizes our worth and dignity as human beings.  To forbid us to speak our minds demeans us and makes us more like slaves or robots than citizens of a free country.  But as important as freedom of expression is for us as individuals, it is perhaps more important to society at large.
1.  Presentation by Guest Speaker
2.  Questions and Answers
3.  Remarks and Rebuttals  
     (5 minutes each / infamous)
All meeting are open to the public.  No reservations are required. The college maintains no memberhsip, and is operated on a volunteer basis.
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December 2nd            Meeting #391
On a Genuine Role with the Homeless
Wanda J. Zamorano, Ed.D., will discuss personal experience in her role and journey of educating, empowering and inspiring a group that is often forgotten, with  examples of those who she works with in two area shelters.  She will outline the services and vision of each shelter.  Wanda will argue that we can make a difference, changing lives, one meal at a time, and giving hope for the future.  She further contends that you will open your mind and become inspired by virtually meeting some of the homeless in action! 
December 16th           Meeting #393
And Why Dallas? - Untangling the Mystery of
Dallas' Rise to Prominence
Paul Benson. Professor of Humanities, Mountain View College, will discuss how it has always been a mystery as to why Dallas has risen to become one of America's most important cities.  He will argue that Dallas is not on a main body of water like Chicago or L.A., nor was it a capital, and it did not have a major State university.  Paul also points out that Dallas weather is not particularly temperate, it has no dominant industry, and it is not blessed with any abundance of natural resources.  He raises the question:  "What did Dallas have that made it better than say Denison, Denton, or Decatur?".  Paul will conclude unraveling this puzzle to bring to light a peculiar alignment of special people, groups, coincidences and luck!. 
December 9th             Meeting #392
On Serious Questions of CEO Compensation, 
Stock Options, and Benefits
Liz James, has been following politics and big business starting at her parents’ dinner table discussions. She was born and educated in Dallas. 34 years as registered nurse in multifaceted career in Texas, Southwest East and West Coast hospitals and corporate nursing positions. Active volunteer in church, community and political groups promoting democracy and better living conditions for all. Liz, who believes in the power of the informed voter, will discuss serious questions of CEO Compensation, Stock Options, and Benefits which result, among other things, in undermining employees, while management underperforms.  She will argue and set the stage for what we can do to address and rectify this debilitating situation.